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Live Recordings

Live Performance at The Eton House - recorded by an audience member and posted to

Roughly 40 minutes of music!!!

Demo Recordings

Paranormal Sunrise Demos (2003)  

Some of these songs morphed into Endsville Songs, and some of them haven't been put into the wild until now...enjoy, and again BIG emphasis on DEMO ....these are really rough recordings done on an old laptop when I was living in Calgary for the most part,

running.mp3 running.mp3
Size : 2.271 Kb
Type : mp3
It's Summer Now But My Mind Is Wande.mp3 It's Summer Now But My Mind Is Wande.mp3
Size : 1.672 Kb
Type : mp3
paranormal sunrise.mp3 paranormal sunrise.mp3
Size : 1.749 Kb
Type : mp3
Sidewalk Cracks.mp3 Sidewalk Cracks.mp3
Size : 1.33 Kb
Type : mp3
Confidence.mp3 Confidence.mp3
Size : 1.245 Kb
Type : mp3

The Hostage Demo (2001) 

The recordings attached to this one are exactly what they say - demos...full of mistakes (and some really cool moments if I do say so myself).  Enjoy - some of these songs will be recorded again, and I'm even thinking of actually recording this album (note that the track listing wasn't complete.  For instance 9.5 doesn't appear on the track titles...but it appears between track 9 and 10...thus...9.5)

room.mp3 room.mp3
Size : 5.908 Kb
Type : mp3
I was there.mp3 I was there.mp3
Size : 4.678 Kb
Type : mp3
Moth to the flame.mp3 Moth to the flame.mp3
Size : 4.197 Kb
Type : mp3
Baldwin and Queen Streets.mp3 Baldwin and Queen Streets.mp3
Size : 4.184 Kb
Type : mp3
Kensington Morning.mp3 Kensington Morning.mp3
Size : 4.291 Kb
Type : mp3
Starlet.mp3 Starlet.mp3
Size : 4.182 Kb
Type : mp3
Whiskey and Music.mp3 Whiskey and Music.mp3
Size : 8.125 Kb
Type : mp3
Hold my hand lately.mp3 Hold my hand lately.mp3
Size : 3.709 Kb
Type : mp3
9.5.mp3 9.5.mp3
Size : 1.979 Kb
Type : mp3
The Hostage.mp3 The Hostage.mp3
Size : 3.498 Kb
Type : mp3

"Songs From A Black Notebook" (1995)

I recorded this one on a tascam 4 track and admittedly put WAY too much reverb on it - I also must have been kind of forlorn or something...not too many happy songs on it.  The coolest story about this recording is that I went to Whistler BC once to visit Gary and by the time I got there, there were a bunch of people that knew all the words to my songs - That was the first time I had the awesome experience of my music touching people that I didn't know.

I need to get a tape deck hooked up to my computer and get this up on the site.

(you'll notice I re-purposed the art from the first tape for Songs from a black notebook)


"The Turn" (1993)

The drawing is the original album art created by Gary Thomas for my first recording entitled "The Turn".  I don't have any of the original recordings and so the mp3s that I've attached here are ripped off of a cassette - as a result the quality isn't very good, but you'll get the idea of what I was up to in around 1993. 

One of my favourite bands at the time was The Tea Party...can you tell when you listen to Pay the Piper?  I so wanted to be Jeff Martin....

Backdoor to Bluebird.mp3 Backdoor to Bluebird.mp3
Size : 4.855 Kb
Type : mp3
She.mp3 She.mp3
Size : 5.857 Kb
Type : mp3
Running Out.mp3 Running Out.mp3
Size : 6.5 Kb
Type : mp3
Pay the Piper.mp3 Pay the Piper.mp3
Size : 10.533 Kb
Type : mp3
On the Road.mp3 On the Road.mp3
Size : 5.299 Kb
Type : mp3